Thanksgiving Flyer Handouts
Members of the coalition canvassed around town handing out links to indigenous perspectives on Thanksgiving.
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Rally/People's Assembly on Public Safety
A rally held at Maplecrest park to educate and brainstorm on the best course of action for Maplewood's public safety issues.
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Family Fun at Maplecrest park
"Family Fun Day" hosted in public park, for kids to come spend time outside with activities like animals to play with and percussion drum circles.
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Invasive Species Cleanup
Members of the coalition worked alongside Civic Story, the South Orange Environmental Conservancy, and a member of the board of trustees to clear out invasive plant species on the Waterlands river bank!
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Fourth of July Protest March
March accross Maplewood and South Orange in protest of the racist and white supremacist celebrations of the Fourth of July holiday, featuring local politican speakers.
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Mutual Aid
  • The mutual aid committee is currently working to create a hub for middle schools (prioritizing those whose parents/guardians are not home during the day) to go to virtual school and interact after school. We also hope to create space in our town for skill sharing. This committee is currently facilitated by Jordan, but she would like a partner or two!
  • Meets Tuesdays at 6:30.
Public Safety
  • The public safety committee, currently facilitated by Laila Gold and Jordan but open to other facilitators, is focused on making our town a safer place through methods such as working on defunding the Maplewood/South Orange police forces. So far, we have succeeded in fully disarming the Maplewood Auxiliary police force, and are working towards further police abolition.
  • Meets Mondays at 6:30.
SOMSD Reform
  • The SOMSD reform committee, facilitated by Lily Forman and Olivia Brash but open to other facilitators, is working towards making the South Orange and Maplewood School District more equitable, especially for BIPOC students, by working on projects like a Student Bill of Rights, a curriculum review, a new mentorship program, stronger implementation of restorative practices, and more.
  • Meets Thursdays at 4.
Juneteenth/July 4th Event Planning
  • Facilitated by Ogenna and Kailyn, focusing on following through with our plans from the summer to lead the planning of Juneteenth and July 4th celebrations in our town.
  • Meets Sundays at 2.
The Mapso Youth Coalition is a group that formed after the murder of George Floyd and the national resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. The coalition consists of local high school students and graduates who share a passion for racial justice, education, and action.
Since its founding in early June, the MYC has worked toward holding the South Orange and Maplewood Townships, the MAPSO Police Forces, and the South Orange Maplewood School District accountable for turning a blind eye to racial inequities within our communities. Members have done so by attending meetings and by brainstorming effective initiatives, such as a “Student Bill of Rights”, and mutual aid programs.
In collaboration with SOMA Justice, we also co-hosted two events on June 19th, where residents of all ages could celebrate Juneteenth with music, dancing, crafts, and more. These events were an opportunity to discuss the real history of this country and how intrinsically tied it is to so many injustices in discussion today. The coalition continues to work on ways they can embed anti-racism within both towns, Essex County, and New Jersey as a whole.
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